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P. J. Griffiths is a former design engineer, husband, and father of two based on the Suffolk/Norfolk border. Since early childhood, he dreamed of writing books on spiritual matters that readers may find interesting but put his dreams on hold to concentrate on providing an income for his family. After years of longing, he finally plucked up courage and put pen to paper with his trilogy The Adventures of Lucy Parker-Patel.


Lucy Parker-Patel, a highly intelligent seventeen-year-old, poses a number of awkward questions for her father, a theology teacher at a Roman Catholic seminary. He sets her a number of short essays on the world’s major religions.

During her studies, Lucy befriends a mysterious young Buddhist monk named Janak Rai, who lost his memory as a result of a recent terrorist attack on the British Embassy in Nepal. A clandestine group, hell bent on causing chaos throughout the world, watches the young monk. Its members believe he is “The Sign”: one who will deliver a new message of hope for the world.

Lucy meets the exquisitely beautiful and enigmatic Bridget Byron, the daughter of a billionaire businessman and the local MP. Lucy, Janak, and her friends embark on a quest to restore Janak’s memory, and deliver the message of hope.


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Seductive and unusual . . .  The milk of Human Kindness is an imaginative story based round its thought-provoking theological heart.


A very exciting adventure story packed with challenging religious ideas.